ABBONAMENTO GOLD 2014: tutti i giorni dal 16 aprile al 2 novembre a soli €90,00. Acquista ora!
MAGICLAND il nuovo grande parco divertimenti di Roma Valmontone. 36 attrazioni, giostre e montagne russe, 10 spettacoli diversi al giorno, Il regno dei Piccoli, eventi ogni weekend. Tutto in un solo biglietto!
A ghost ship that hides the roller coaster for all the family. A trip on a galleon around the cold northern seas
A journey through time in an ancient Mayan temple on special boats. Yucatan is a great "SpillWater" for all the family
A roller coaster in a castle of eighteenth century. Wagons rotating in the dark for a total disorentation.
The biggest European video game! A battle with 3D glasses and laser guns against monstrous creatures. It's a dark ride unique in the world!
The roller coaster for all the family! A fun race between curves and descents on the train of Bombo, a nice monster
Are you ready for rafting? Special Inflatables will make you go through a rushing river!
From 0 to 180 Km/h in only 2 seconds. A fast-paced launch coaster for the bravest
Cars, motorcycles and big foot for a show of 20 'of pure adrenaline and driving technique
Rome like 2000 years ago. A palastudio where every day is staged the show "Gladiators": challenges and fighting between the Roman gladiators under the eyes of the Emperor
The attraction of magic faires WinX. A ride in an enchanted forest on board of flying leaves. Advised for girls
Look the park's magic from the top! On flying island you can lift you up to 50 meters enjoying the breathtaking view
A village for children full of games dedicated to them
This is Houdini's House, the most famous magician in history. A mad house to 16 meters deep where nothing is as it seems...
A beautiful theater wher is staged the park's musical "Tutti pazzi per il musical": a midley of the most famous musicals in hostory, like Mary Poppins, Zorro, Mama Mia, Saturday Night Fever, Queens.
The special stage on park's lake for concerts and events
A Theater for children with 2 shows for them: "Bombo in cantina", an interactive show and "Gattobaleno e la grande magia" where the protagonist is the Park's mascot Gattobaleno
Famous characters Winx Castle - the school of Magic. Inside the 4D Planetarium the movie "The Little Prince"
Welcome to MagicLand! This is the main street to start your day in the Park. Have a nice day!
Falling into the void from 72 meters. Drop tower for the bravest
News of 2013! A battle between ancient galleons with cannons of water on the Lake! Unable to stay dry!
A restaurant inside a real medieval castle. Courtesans, Princes and Princesses for a great experience and not only good food. You can buy online menu
The pizzeria with a beautiful terrace on the Lake. You can buy online menu.
The self service restaurant for a quick meal. You can buy online menu
Cinema 4D: top screen, wheel chairs en special effects to live a great experience. You can watch "The little Prince", Antoine de Saint-Exupèry's masterpiece, a story for all the dreamers!
A heated indoor playground for children from 0 to 6 with innovative games. You can leave your children with our staff.
News of 2013! Race cars competing in the streets of an American village. For children and their families
Are you ready for the thrill? Welcome to the Horror House DEMONIA: 666 stesp of fear! The kind house-keeper will invite you in his rooms..but not everything is really as it seems. Will you survive through animated corridors, vampires, zombies, ghosts and bloodthirsty wolves?
FAST FOOD. Hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries for a quick and tasty meal. You can buy online menu.
A beautiful theater wher is staged the park's musical "Tutti pazzi per il musical": a midley of the most famous musicals in hostory, like Mary Poppins, Zorro, Mama Mia, Saturday Night Fever, Queens.

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