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dal 05/10/2013 al 31/10/2013
Halloween month
In October, Rainbow Magic Land theme opens the door on Halloween.

Just cross the majestic entrance gate to run immediately into ghosts, witches, vampires and zombies who terrorize the unlucky guests including giant pumpkins and bats.

The streets are infested with monstrous characters .. maybe you have seen some nightmare or horror movie: emerge from every angle to give emotions really thrilling. Careful because walking in the park you may encounter Scream, Freddy Kruger, TH Dracula with a chainsaw ..

The shows are turned up to 3 November, at the Gran Teatro "The Horror Family Show," at the Piccolo Teatro "The Little School of Horrors" while the Winx fairies become the "HalloWinx in Concert." And every afternoon The BIG PARADE of the wagons inhabited by zombies and undead.

[B]On October 5, at 11.00 opening of the new attraction "Demonia" open to the public from 12.00 onwards.[/ B]

For those looking for thrills Rainbow Magicland recommends the three attractions darker the Park:

The roller coaster CAGLIOSTRO, built in a mysterious castle of the eighteenth century, completely in the dark with descents, sudden twists and turns.

And then the ominous MAISON HOUDINI in which guests are taken to a depth of 16 meters by a lift magic, to enter, prisoners, in the laboratory of magician Houdini.

Finally DEMONIA one of the big news in 2013, a horror house to go on foot, trying to keep a cool head. In the dark path, visitors will encounter bedrooms ghost paintings come alive, a hellish morgue, flying ghosts, bats and wolves feast on unwary prey before their eyes. Pass unscathed from the "Corridor of hell" and the revival of the Demon ..?

The highlight of the festival on the evening of on October 31 with the MAGIC HALLOWEEN NIGHT: Park open until 23 to celebrate the great Halloween night!

Ps. Do not forget to disguise ... otherwise you could be the next prey ...
dal 13/09/2013 al 14/09/2013
A Rainbow Magicland CASTING the official television program of the year!

Test your talent to be selected to the fifth edition of ITALY'S GOT TALENT expected from September 2013 on Channel 5.

Led by Belen Rodriguez and Simone Annichiarico with the participation of Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti and Rudi Zerby in the role of jurors, the program was a huge success in the early evening on the flagship network Mediaset from 2009 onwards.

HAVE TALENT? Are you an aspiring singer, dancer, magician, fakir, contortionist, or you have an impersonator number from 2 minutes, of any kind, to be presented on television?

Come to Rainbow Magicland. This may be your chance!
The audition is open to all and is free.

If you are already a subscriber, you can go directly to the casting selections within the park, otherwise introducing yourself at the entrance to Rainbow Magicland, equipped with a ticket, Friday 14 or Saturday, June 15 from 10:00 am onwards. The meeting is scheduled at the area Stunt Show and the specimens will be made in the order of arrival.

Bring the necessary items to the exhibition (eg, musical instruments, cds with bases to sing ..). At the park you can change clothes or store objects in the custody of the lockers. Competitors who do not succeed to perform on Friday, will have priority on Saturday, from 10 onwards, or consecutive days to be agreed with the production, until all participants have been auditioned.

The entrance fee to the park is buy online here or from the coffers of the park.

For the 2 day package is available + Park Hotel valid Friday 14 and Saturday 15.

ITALIA'S GOT TALENT is a trademark of FremantleMedia Ltd & Simco Ltd. Licensed by FremantleMedia Limited www.fremantlemedia.com

The program, based on the Format English, Britain's Got Talent, is produced in Italy by the Appeal PGT.
Michael Jackson Day
On the occasion of the 55 anniversary of the birth of Michael Jackson, who died tragically in 2009, will open the first statue in Italy dedicated to the great Pop music stars.

Rainbow Magicland will offer a magical opportunity: a permanent location to capture the myth.

All those who wish to participate can buy the ticket online from the home page: buy your ticket by entering the discount code MAGIC MICHAEL.
The proceeds will be used for the construction work.
On progress we will update you on the results.

Buy your ticket now!

Big surprises in store for the day, will be dedicated to the music of the legendary artist, with choreography dedicated, Flashmob, traveling animation with Tribute Artists, Photographic exhibition of paintings and dedicated to Michael Jackson, a way to pay homage to the greatest talent in the history of modern music.

For ulteiori info you can send an email magicmichael2013@libero.it

For participation in the 'Michael Jackson Day event the only DISCOUNT CODE valid are:
MAGIC MICHAEL single ticket
MLMAGICMICHAEL - for the "Park + Hotel"

For those who have bought the ticket with other codes can contact the editorial office to mail: magicmichael2013@libero.it
dal 25/07/2013 al 29/07/2013
5 Nights with the nose Rainbow Magicland: from Thursday 25 to Monday, July 29 will, in collaboration with La Rosa Srl,, compete the best pyrotechnics in the world, giving guests the park a unique event of its kind for beauty and spectacle.

Over 100,000 people are expected to enjoy two shows every night for 20 minutes each, starting from 22.oo, with the parade of floats and fireworks show to follow. In the first part of the match between Italian companies will compete to win the title of finalist and represent Italy at the World Championships 2014. In the second are the major nations in the world to fight choreography drawing in the sky. Two types of fires. For the selection will be fireworks Italian traditional and International will be "pyro-musical" that is synced to the music that is widespread within the park.

"The power of the fires amounted to 300,000 bulbs lit," said the CEO of Rainbow Magicland Stefano Cigarini "creating a spectacular effect that increases the magic of the park at night."

Given the power, the fires will rise up to 300 meters high, with an effect of audible sound over 20 km away, with simultaneous launches via radio-controlled and computerized workstations, which generate incredible choreography of light and color. From 4000 mortars set up in the park depart every evening start at more than 8000 launches with a consumption of about 3,000 kg of gunpowder to show.

25/7 LA ROSA S.R.L. - Entertainment Opening of music - Out of competition + company CHINA-Ping Sheng Xiang Qi IMP & EXP Co., LTD
26/7 SICILY-company Pyroland S.r.l. + GERMANY - Gamma company P.
27/7 ABRUZZO-company Pyrotechnics Paolelli + FRANCE - company Brezac Artifices
28/7 LAZIO - Pyrotechnics company Giuliani + ITALY - RDF Pyro company
29/7 ABRUZZO-company Pyrotechnics Di Giacomo + ALBANIA - company Virk Srl

To decide the winning nation last night, a jury composed of journalists, operators and technical explosives experts of the Ministry of Defence.

In addition to the fireworks Magicland represent every evening from 18.00 onwards 10 shows including the show "Something About the Musical", the epic film "Gladiator", the adrenaline "Stunt Show", the Winx fairies The innovative "Gattobaleno and great Magic" thought for the little ones, such as the planetarium 4D projection of the movie "The Little Prince. The highlights of the park round off the offerings of entertainment made up of 36 attractions-roller coasters, dark rides, water, drop towers and interactive rides, with 4 firsts in 2013, and the grand parade of fairy tales, available in "day" at 18 and at 22 in the night version.

"On his third season of life," said Dr.. Cigarini, "Rainbow Magicland became the 2nd Italian amusement park, with over 1 million visitors, and the third tourist attraction in Rome, after the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums."

Due to the expected influx for the event you may want the public to pre-purchase tickets and parking on this site in the "Buy the ticket"

See you there!
MagicFest CAPODANNO 2014
The New Year 2013 Magicland was the party of the year!
More than 23,000 visitors, tickets and dinners sold out in advance, DJ sets and attractions open until morning: energy and pure fun.

Magic Capodanno 2014 be:

To ALL: The park is open until 5 in the morning, with attractions and shows, and DISCO DJ SET. The possibility to choose 3 different dinner: Buffet Dinner, Served Dinner and Vip Dinner. The Partner Hotels to sleep in the surrounding area of ​​the park

For FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN: The Kingdom of the Little, The Winx, Gattobaleno, the charming NIGHT PARADE with the illuminated floats, the new Indoor Playground. The tranquility of a New Year's fun and safe for their children!

For YOUNG: disco indoor + DJ Set Pool to dance the night away to local locally!

Here are the "live" of the evening: Stunt Show and Christmas Show


€ 40 Park + Dj Set
€ 60 + Park + Dj Set + Dinner Buffet
€ 80 + Park + Dj Set + Dinner c / o Belvedere-Domus Aurea
€ 150 + Park + Dj Set + VIP Dinner c / o The Castle.

Notes: Program and guests may vary at the discretion of the park. And 'forbidden the introduction of glass bottles. At the entrance will be carried out security checks. To stay near the Park Package buy online + Park Hotel to € 45. For transport please read How to get
dal 21/12/2013 al 06/01/2014
Magico Natale

It is 'the case to say "Magical Christmas" after the great satisfaction of the public in 2013 Rainbow Magic Land confirms the opening for the whole Christmas season! From 21th of December to 06th of Genuary.

The mild climate of Rome and the special charm of the park during the Christmas holidays offer guests a very special day from the atmosphere,

The Magic Street fluffy snowflakes accompany guests on their way.
During your visit you will have the pleasure to meet Santa Claus and his helpers.

They are available all 28 attractions, partly covered, with heating and air conditioning and then use even in bad weather.

There are also many shows at theaters and warm comfortable indoor location: first of all the new Christmas Show at the Grand Theatre, a show around Christmas when daydreaming, with music, characters and stories of Christmas, then the Gladiators to Palabaleno, and shows for children at the Little Theatre, including the brand new "Magic Gattobaleno and the great." In the Planetarium, 4D animation "The Little Prince"

For the youngest children to the playground closed and the new play area Blanket MAGICLANDIA

Low tariff, from 21 December to 6 January 2014, all 28 euro and children up to 10 years enter free eccept 31th December.So "Christmas with whoever you want" ... but Rainbow Magicland!
Prestigious schools from all over Italy will perform wonderful choreography during the span of two days, in the splendid setting of the Gran Teatro with a stage of 30 meters and in the charming Palabaleno with an 'arena of more than 1000 seats.

Students and students will compete in the following sections:
Classical and neoclassical
Modern and Jazz
choreographic composition
Fantasia (choreography involving any other dance style)

       Baby: 5/11 years old (only for solo classic is required a minimum age of 8 years)
       Junior: 12/15 years
       Senior 16/35 years

Configuration dancers: group - couple (duo) - solo
Each group must be composed of a minimum of 3 participants
Download the details of the regulation www.francescacipriani.net

A jury, consisting of leading experts will award the best choreography

But it's not finished here ...
Great prizes and scholarships and internships important festivals at the national level and for the most talented dancers opportunities to enter the world of entertainment.
An unforgettable experience! You are going to perform in a frame simply magical!

Subscribe info@francescacipriani.net
Festival di Bande e Majoretts
Great Party Music Rainbow Magicland.

After the success of 2012, the park replica The festival Body bands and majorettes from all over Italy, which for the entire day performing parade through the streets of the Park, giving guests a Rainbow Magicland of "Rhapsody" notes cheerful and exciting.

The Festival was founded with the goal to make it clear to most as the universal language of music with its communicative power can unite people from different parts of the world and different cultures.

The criterion for selection of the bands that will perform was to find formations with good music and entertainment, we are also drawing heavily on two other aspects:
- Have a representation of countries of a more extensive and varied as possible;
- Have a representation of all the different expressions that takes the music for band: marching band, show band, wind orchestras, bands and parade, even if they can not be considered 100% bandistiche formations, pipe band.

To register your band or group of majorettes write to giovanna.millocca@rainbowmagicland.it
dal 12/10/2013 al 13/10/2013
Canoa e Canottaggio
Sabato 12 e domenica 13 ottobre, due giorni dedicati alla Canoa e al Canottaggio, i due sport acquatici più forti e spettacolari che per la prima volta uniti in un gemellaggio, si incontrano a Magicland, dove a colpi di remi e di pagaie, daranno vita al torneo Magic Halloween, con gare sprint e di velocità, sul magico lago del parco.

Quattro le categorie a confronto:
che con imbarcazioni tematizzate Halloween, si contenderanno il premio finale.

La due giorni vedrà coinvolte le relative Federazioni, e i loro presidenti Regionali e Nazionali, e altri campioni Olimpici.

E per tutti gli ospiti, la possibilità di provare questi due emozionanti sport, con simulatori rowing.

dal 05/10/2013 al 06/10/2013

Jill Cooper e la sua squadra “Coal Sport” vi aspettano per la più spaventosa e divertente Convention di Fitness di tutti i Tempi.

Due giorni per allenarti e divertirti tra le meravigliose scenografie Halloween, con i Presenter più famosi del momento.

Un Evento unico da non perdere per coniugare sport, spettacolo e divertimento.
Tante lezioni dalle h10.30 alle 17.30 con SuperJump, Spinning, Zumba, Step, Aerobic, Walking, Posturale, Pilates e altro ancora. Per info iscrizioni www.coalsport.com

Scopri la tua lezione preferita:

Piccolo Teatro ore 11.00/12.00
Convegno “BLS Sport in Sicurezza”
tenuto da Fabio Alfonsi Presidente ACAYA CONSULTING

Area Fitness @Area Pic-Nic
Zumba, Step, Aerobica e Bokwa. Sul palco si alterneranno Ary Marques, Andre Cruz, Alfredo Petrosino, Anna Rivieri e tanti altri che vi entusiasmeranno facendovi divertire, ballare ed allenare ininterrottamente!

Area Funzionale @Area Pic-Nic
Con l’attrezzatura della Sellfit,lezioni intense ed efficaci per il potenziamento muscolare coordinate dal coach Emiliano De Bianchi, Andrea Jacovitti, Leonardo Bianchi.

Area Super Jump @Area Pic-Nic
Jill Cooper presenterà le diverse le tecniche di Aerobic Accelerator System: Super Jump, Total Body Jump, KombatJump e Hot Dance Jump con il famoso Trampolino CoalSport.

Area Groupcycling @Area Pic-Nic
Tante bikes con Marco Colzi e il suo staff oltre ad un’area espositiva con stand dedicati alla cura del proprio corpo, favolosi gadget, abbigliamento sportivo e musica novità assoluta 2014.

Fitwalking@Area Pic-Niccon Nazzareno e Jessica Marongiu per lezioni di Walkexercise, con la presentazione della nuova tecnica per allenarsi con il NordikWalking su tappeto.

Area Benessere @Sala Huntik
Pilates con Zeromaxdi Patrizia Mantovani che presenterà il rivoluzionario programma di Max Grossi, power yoga.

Area Benessere @Sala Huntik
Esercizi Posturale con MoniaPetrizzelli e il suo staff, con esercizi che aiutano a tenere il corpo bilanciato e fornire supporto alla colonna vertebrale.
dal 28/09/2013 al 29/09/2013
Auto-Motor show
Are you a fan of racing cars , vintage cars or engines in general?
Do you know recognize the roar of an engine with closed eyes ?

This is the weekend for you!

Rainbow Magicland turns into an open air exhibition of engines and drive the most original , innovative and spectacular .

Racing cars and cars to see, hear and ... try it for yourself!

You will experience a real Ferrari and feel the power of 100 HI FI mounted on cars that will compete for the sound system more dynamic and more powerful engine rigged .



September 28
The categories will be competing in Category Racing , Category and Category Wrapping Istallatore HI - FI Car
- From h.15.00 15.30 Aesthetic Tuning Race c/o Piazza Formula Cars after the spectacle of 14.30 " Gattobaleno and the School of Magic " ;
- From h.16.30 17.00 Race DJSPL c/o Piazza Palabaleno after the spectacle of 16.00 " The Gladiators " ;
- From h.17.30 to 18.00 Diamond Race c/o external Stunt Show after the show of 17.00 " The Stunt Show "
Jury consists of 6 people. To participate as a competitor regulation download from this link Regulation Race Auto tuning .

September 29
- In the racing cars of Maranello Ferrari 30 , with the possibility for the luckiest of a test drive around the park. Remember to withdraw , subject to availability , c/o the Office of the Hospitality " SCRATCH & SPIN " and see immediately if you won a thrilling ride on one of Ferrari on display.
You can pick up your Rombate Win at 14.00 at the Stunt Show .
Entertainment Ferrari during the show Stunt Show at 17.00 .

In the section on display VINTAGE CARS c/o Piazza del Palabaleno .

In catetgoria AUTO TUNING , showcasing c/o Piazza Formula Cars for the Trophy " Tuning Show "

Finally the show will culminate with the STUNT SHOW of the park, enriched for the occasion of special surprises , such as the MEGA CHOPPER , TRUCK prancing , the new BIG FOOT and 20 decibels AutoDJ that will flood the arena of Stunt . The shows are scheduled at 12.00, 14.00 and 17.00 per run for approx. 30 ' each.

To participate buy your ticket online at this website
An open-air classroom: this is the principle that guides the educational experiences at Rainbow Magicland. Learning while having fun!
The park is dedicating a special day for insegnant i and professors of all levels to present Packages School I Educational workshops for the 2014 season.
All teachers will have free entrance to the park (with presentation of membership card / certificate of service) and a dedicated time at the Gran Teatro in which the proposals will be presented to Magicland for field trips, guided tours and school trips to the park in achievable 'school year 2013/2014.
The offer for schools includes: workshops and courses dedicated to teaching kindergarten, first and second grade of primary, high schools and colleges and higher tourist ( see section Information > Groups) for the detailed brochure, special discounted rates ( see section rates), special menus for children, as well as optional services such as bus and Partner Hotels.

If you are a teacher and would like to attend the event please contact the Booking Office at 06/95318700 or write us at booking@rainbowmagicland.it indicating the details of the school, the data teacher, e-mail address and a telephone number.
dal 14/09/2013 al 15/09/2013
Country spirit
Rainbow Magicland, in collaboration with Western Spirit Country School,, for two days you will feel the atmosphere of the Old West and revive the myth of the Indians and cowboys!

The dress code is strictly for all the stars and stripes, they are welcome cowboy hats, bandanas, country-shirts, jeans and boots to order.

The best Djs of the Western Spirit will make you dance and entertain. Animation for adults, children and for those who want to take their first steps.

A lot of the ingredients that make the event unique.

Two wooden track will transform the park into a large Western Saloon where you take turns dancing in pairs and line dancing always-style Country.

Through the streets of Magicland do a trip in 'OLD WEST with the option either to enrich your passion for the country and the world is to find out for the first time.

Saturday 14 c / o Piazza della Fontana an addictive Concert Live Country Music will accompany the sound of your boots while bask the track.

Let's dive together with the conquest of the West!

Book now your ticket and if you come from outside Rome we recommend the package Park + Hotel valid for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. DO NOT WASTE TIME!

For information call 06 95318700

They return after the success of 2012, every last Saturday of the month, the days dedicated to the Winx.
For all fans of the fairies featured in television series and films.

Each day, the park welcomes 3 shows for:

12.30 WINX LIVE, the show that takes place daily at the Castle with choreography Winx Alfea

13.00 WINX IN CONCERT, the mini-concert at the Gran Teatro with the most famous songs of the 5 TV series already aired

16.45 Parade of Floats of Fables, carrying the WINX

Finally, at the store of Magic Street will be possible to make a PHOTO with Winx.

Among the themed attractions include "PLANET WINX", a suspended dark ride that allows you to fly on the World Winx suspended (see section [URL = http://www.magicland.it] "Discover The park"[/URL].

In addition to all this every Winx Day reserve a magical surprise to their fans ... we are waiting at Rainbow Magicland to discover it.
dal 26/08/2013 al 30/08/2013
50 beautiful girls from all over Italy will compete for the title of "Miss Queen of Italy 2013 '

Are the Communication in collaboration with the monthly Slide makes the park the final eponymous beauty contest that is giving away several awards including a cover of a national magazine, and a management contract of 12 months.

For a week the girls will live and will compete in the amusement park, with finals scheduled on the evening of August 30 at the Grand Theatre.

Its television program will go wave in September on a SKY Network

See you soon in this box all the updates and event details
They return after the success of 2012, the days dedicated to the Winx.
For all fans of the fairies featured in television series and films.

Each day, the park welcomes 3 shows for:

12.30 WINX LIVE, the show that takes place daily at the Castle with choreography Winx Alfea

13.00 WINX IN CONCERT, the mini-concert at the Gran Teatro with the most famous songs of the 5 TV series already aired

16.45 Parade of Floats of Fables, carrying the WINX

Finally, at the store of Magic Street will be possible to make a PHOTO with Winx.

Among the themed attractions include "PLANET WINX", a suspended dark ride that allows you to fly on the World Winx suspended (see section "Discover The park".

In addition to all this every Winx Day reserve a magical surprise to their fans ... we are waiting at Rainbow Magicland to discover it.
CHIARA Galiazzo in Concerto
July 19th live concert Chiara Galiazzo, the only Roman leg of the tour, at 20.30 c / o Area of Palabaleno.

Mind Production presents Rainbow Magicland, the amusement park of Rome Valmontone-live of the singer who won XFACTOR 2013.

The Paduan arrives in Rome and what better place to hear, in addition to its successes, "Over The Rainbow", the soundtrack of the new campaign TIM which Chiara is testimonial.
In concert lineup nuanced just as the voice of CLEAR will alternate successes taken from the well-known television program in addition to his first album unreleased.

Born in 1986, Chiara Galiazzo is a real natural talent in just six months has triumphed at
X Factor, participated in the Festival of Sanremo winning an audience of young people and not only ...

During the show excerpts from his first solo album, "A place in the world" as "Thousand Steps" and "The future will," "Two breaths" and covers that have wooed the TV from "Over the rainbow "to" I want to hold your hand ", from" love is all here "to" The Final Countdown ".

After the success of the Zero Date at the Teatro San Domenico of Crema, who made a full house, Clare started with "A place in the world tour 2013 ', while from June 7 is the radio in her new single, written by Ermal Meta "Come with me."
  "A place in the world tour in 2013," a production Levantini Max for Live Nation, will see Chiara engaged in June, July and August on the stages of the most important Italian and festivals.

The concert is FREE for all guests of the park, which is included in the entrance to Rainbow Magicland.

BUY NOW your ticket online for the magical day of July 19!
dal 16/07/2013 al 20/07/2013
esercito italiano

L'Esercito Italiano approda a Rainbow Magicland.
Durante i 5 giorni della sua permanenza al pArco potrai conoscere la sua storia e ti divertirai a provare tutte le tecniche di addestramento che l'Esercito Italiano impartisce ai propri allievi.

Varie sono le aree dove protrai scoprilo:
- Area Benvenuto
c/o P.zza della Fontana con un nucleo Infoteam a cura del Comando Logistico di Proiezione con una mostra statica comprensiva di mezzi tattici tra cui VTLM LINCE, VBL 6X6 PUMA, VBM FRECCIA, VM 90T;
- Allenati con l’Esercito
c/o P.zza Regno dei Piccoli un percorso di Military Fitness con attività di addestramento, a cura del 186° rgt Paracadutisti “FOLGORE” con personale di assistenza/istruttore per i giovani ospiti del parco ;
- Vola con l’Esercito
c/o P.zza del Castello di Alfea con installazione del simulatore di volo ROLFO, di dimensione 8x13m, con personale di assistenza/istruttore a cura del Comando Aviazione dell’Esercito;
- Sali con l’Esercito
c/o Viale del Ristorante “il Castello” con installazione di una parete di roccia artificiale a cura del 9° rgt alpini, con personale di assistenza/istruttore per attività di arrampicata di h.7 metri
- Orientati con l’Esercito
c/o P.zza dell’Isola Volante con attività interattive con il pubblico con la diffusione di tecniche di base di orientamento e sopravvivenza a cura della Scuola di Fanteria;
- Difenditi con l’Esercito
c/o l’area “Le Rapide” si terranno dimostrazioni di arti marziali a cura del 187° rgt Paracadutisti “FOLGORE” con un team istruttori di Metodo di Combattimento Militare (MCM) per dimostrazioni e/o stage di difesa personale.

Grande festa per il primo giorno di arrivo dell’Esercito che accoglierà gli ospiti del Parco con l’intervento Speciale della “Musica d’Ordinanza”del Comando Logistico di Proiezione di stanza in Roma, la quale, in uniforme storica, eseguirà alcuni brani di intrattenimento.

Vieni e proverai sicuramente dell’emozioni indimenticabili.
dal 15/07/2013 al 20/07/2013
The Park for a week invaded by Girls most beautiful in the world!

From Monday 15 to Saturday, July 20 Rainbow Magic Land is home to the [B] National Final of Miss Universe Italy [/ B], the largest international beauty contest, which selects the winner Italian who will participate in the World Cup final.
Five days in the company of beautiful aspiring miss that the audience will enjoy the attractions of the park, play with guests, will participate in shows and parades of floats Magicland.
And every night an event or a parade in swimsuit and high fashion clothes.

Everything filmed and narrated in a TV 8 Point for airing on the Mediaset channels.

No more segregated girls in beauty contests, but free women, funny and curious to find out and have fun. A week in which a panel of experts will choose the girl that will represent the Italian beauty in the world.

The Provisional program

July 15: Parade Parade at 18:00. Magic Moment at the Grand Theatre

July 16: Contestants participating in the shows: "Gladiators" and "Winx Live." The Miss 2012 in charge of the night parade at 22.00

July 17: The "Hello" Miss guests of the Park at 11:00 am and participation in the show "Something About the Musical!" and "Africa." The photo shoots in the park and the participation of all Miss the closing parade of the 22.

July 18: Trials and semifinal

July 19: Parade of 18:00 and participation in the "Stunt Show". The evening rehearsal at the Grand Theater opened to the public.

20 July: 20.30 National Final of Miss Universe Italy at the Grand Theater (Free entry for the public park)

Following an after-Magic show, reserved for guests, restaurant in the "Castle" of the Park with the beautiful Miss.
The Magic of the Park together with the energy of the music!

The largest Roman festival of the summer to dance until late at night.

Park open with all the sights and 4 DJ SET with some of the best artists on the square, turning between the different Dance Floor inside the park:

MAIN&LIVE STAGE c/o il Castello di Alfea
Master Max
MTV spit Nitro
Jake La Furia
H. 21,05 EMYLEE

ARENA ZONE c/o il Palabaleno
Dani Mu
Simone Virgili
Robert hein
H. 20.00 PACO S & GENNY G
H. 21.30 SIS
H. 02.00 D-LEWIS
H. 03.30 EMIX
H. 05.00 CLOSING

ZONA LOUNGE c/o Area Pic-Nic
Artisti emergenti alternati

SALSA ZONE c/o Piazzetta attrazione "Formula Cars"
Dalle h.18.00 alle ore 21.00 Zumba Show
Dalle h. 21.00 in poi Salsa Show
Dalle h. 21.30 in poi Salsa Show al Gran Teatro

The park will be open from 10 am, Dance Floor from 16 to 4 in the morning.

Them, the number of tickets is limited.

FOR THIS DATE WILL NOT BE THE 'APPLY TO ANY REDUCTION OR PROMOTION or group ticket. Any discount tickets will be integrated with the difference in cash to the whole ticket.
To get to the park by train or bus consult the section [URL = http://www.magicland.it/come-arrivare] Getting There[/URL]
For the back you can take a free bus from the park to Valmontone Station, departing at closing Park. Shipping will be available subject to availability.
Festival degli Oratori

With the arrival of summer parishes are colored the varied activities of the speakers summer opportunity for the boys to come together to grow, reflect on important issues, play games, meet new friends.

The Second Summer Festival of the Oratory, in collaboration with the Vicariate of Rome, after the great success of 2012 at Villa Pamphili, will take place this year at the beautiful Rainbow Magicland.

Children will spend a day of fun, entertainment, music, party, accompanied by characters who populate the speakers summer of this year.


H. 9.00 Welcoming c/o the entry of Magicland Space informative ORES;
H.10.00 Official moments of celebration and animations c / o the Castle of Alfea;
H.10.30 Animation traveling around the attractions;
H. 14:30 Awarding of Speakers present c/o Castle Alfea;
H. 15:30 Closing of organized activities and free to play for the Park.

Inside the park with gazebo will be available to volunteers to assist during the event.

For more information, visit Ores Roma, or search on Facebook and Twitter as "Speakers Summer Romans."
Magicland Wedding Day
There are those who you imagine your wedding in the city or church that has always attended.
For those who want to do something different, Rainbow Magicland proposes the 1st Rainbow Magicland-Wedding Day

For everyone:
11.00 The Castle of Alfea decked
15.00 Exhibition of Bride Dresses / or at the Hall Huntik
16.45 Parade of horse-drawn carriage carrying newlyweds

For the bride and groom:
The participation of some partners with useful services for the perfect wedding, as Photographer & Video, Entertainment, Makeup & Hairstyling, Confetti, Invitations, Wedding Blog and much more!
A magical day during which you will have to ask so more detailed information Magicland to organize your wedding!

Future brides can take advantage of a free trial of Makeup and Hairstyling, recommended by experts Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist.

For those who like to customize every detail of your wedding will be available from 10.00 onwards at room Huntik the following courses (duration 15 'ea.):
- Course of Photo-Ciak for shots during the Wedding
- Course of implementation and customization of their wedding favors
- Course of realization floral decorations with choice of bouquets, floral arrangements for the church, reception and car
- Course of Cake Design for the realization of the wedding cake;
- Course Cut Fruit;
- Course of realization of Tableau and Wedding invitations

For info and reservations comunicazioneviaggi@gmail.com or giovanna.millocca @ rainbowmagicland.it.

Thank you for your cooperation: Chiarscuro Hairdressers, Fioretti Photographer, FotoCiak and Zaccaretti Brides
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Come fly .... with the Air Force Rainbow Magicland

The Air Force will be hosted from 1 to 9 June 2013 at the amusement park "Rainbow Magicland."

You will see and visit, on static display every day, the aircraft of the Frecce Tricolori, the MB .339 PAN.

Come and experience the thrill on the weekends and the thrill of flying through two different simulators playful, suitable for the whole family, inspired by the world of the National Aerobatic Team.

A multimedia space where pilots and specialists will offer you the opportunity to receive all the information on the various activities of the Air Force and professional opportunities.

And to conclude this particular event ... the prestigious presence of the athletes of the team of rhythmic gymnastics in the sports center of AOS, three-time world champions and a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. .
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Campionato italiano videogiochi
After the success of last year, he returned to the scene on 11 and 12 May 2013, at the Rainbow Magicland, the SteelSeries Gaming.Lan 2013 GamerPro.it weblog!

The Italian site par excellence of competitive play on console and PC, this year in collaboration with SteelSeries, Issolution, Hellotel, Gunnar and Rainbow Magicland, organizes one of the largest events in Italy of live competition on videogames and consoles Xbox 360.

Hundreds of players from all over Italy face off on games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, FIFA13 and Battlefield 3!

May 11
h.10.0 Arrival of competitors;
Start h.11.00 Competition for the semi-finals;
Conclusion h.18.00 semifinals.

May 12
h.10.0 Arrival of competitors;
Start h.11.00 Competition for final;
Final Conclusion h.18.00.

Come and visit the area dedicated, adjacent to the fantastic dark ride Huntik5D, you will discover the pure gaming competition! Enjoy the Next Level!

Buy your [URL=http://www.magicland.it/acquista-il-biglietto] ticket [/ URL] or package + hotel park not to miss this great event.
Magicland Run 2013
Come and take in the magnificent views of the attractions of Rainbow Magicland or admire the champions who compete in the most classic distance races!

The amusement park and the A. Š.D. Rome Road Runners Club is organized for the May 1, 2013 the first edition of the Marathon "RUN MAGICLAND" of 10.00 km (competitive bidding) and the "GATTOBALENO RUN" of 1.00 km (non-competitive race to free passage open to all ).

The competitive race is reserved for athletes / and who are at least 18 years of age on race day. Entries sent different open until April 30, through the purchase of the ticket on this site and the compilation and delivery of the Application Form available on the website of ASD. You do not make registrations on race day.

To participate in the races BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE SPECIAL then download the Application Form, on the basis of race choice, from site ASD Rome Road Runners Club

The special tickets Gattobaleno / Magicland Run [B] are reserved esclusivamenti runners / participants [/ B], with control and feedback at the entrance and will be valid for access to the park only until 9:25 am .

The meeting is at 8:00 am at the entrance plaza of Rainbow Magicland where area is reserved to sports clubs. Departure is at 9:30 at the Magic Street in the Park for the race competitive. Immediately to follow the non-competitive race. Any participants that may arise after the turnstiles 9.30 will regain a full fare ticket.

At the start of Gattobaleno Run Franca Fiacconi, who won the New York Marathon, which will be present both as an athlete of Mother with her daughter.

For carers and all others will be able to access the park without time restrictions, with regular tickets or Park + Hotel Packages purchased on this site or to the coffers of the Park.

The award ceremony will take place at 15.00 at the Bay. For all participants in the Gattobaleno Run as a gift t-shirt from Rainbow Magicland withdraw after the 15 in the shop of Street Magic with the registration form.
The first big party where the park is revealed in its configuration 2013!

Magicland opening is full of actors, actresses, faces and personalities of television and sports and SHOCK IN THE USA PARTY, a party theme rigorsamente American, will be attended by VIPs and celebrities, media and TV news, which together with the audience will try to preview some of the new shows in 2013 and the park.

11.00 Welcome and proof of some of the main attractions of the park, including shock "Shock", 12.00 the official inauguration, with its ribbon-cutting of attraction "Formula Cars": a motor racing circuit set in a small of Route 66 between Arizona and California.

For this first Grand Prix are expected to compete in the role of "pilot for a day" characters like Francesca Chillemi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Vittoria Belvedere, Naike Rivelli, Marco Morandi, Sebastiano Somma, Kaspar Capparoni, Master Mazza, Pierdavide Carone , Maria Nazionale and many others ..

A team of cheerleaders, a country band and the School of Dance "[URL = http://www.westernspirit.it] Western Spirit[/URL]", the largest and most popular in central Italy will accompany the day.

The dress code is strictly for all the stars and stripes, they are welcome cowboy hats, bandanas, USA shirts, jeans and boots to order.
Dance, music, entertainment for young and old and lots of fun! Come to resonate with the heels of your boots on our platform as a true Saloon! Let's dive together with the conquest of the West!